Frequently Asked Questions

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Period Stock images are primarily for e-book and print book covers and book-related promotional materials. Our photos and licenses may not be used for, and by individuals/businesses/websites/magazines or publications/film or video productions engaged in pornography, sex trade, illegal activities, and similar industries. Period Stock photos are not intended for hateful, erotic, or graphic images. Period Stock does not do erotic shoots of any kind.

Q: How many times can I use an image I bought?
A: This depends on the type of license you purchase. Please see Licensing Information for details.

Q: Will I own the copyright of the image if I buy the License?
A: No. A License is only an authorization for the use of the photo on your cover or site. It is Non-transferable (only the buyer is authorized to use the license, and it cannot be shared in any way). Period Stock retains all Copyright to all images.

Q: How do I download my image?
A: After purchasing an image, you should be able to download it from your Purchase History page.

Q: What happens if I have trouble downloading my image?
A: Please contact us at [email protected] and we will help you fix the problem or email you the image directly.

Q: Why is there a logo on the images?
A: These are watermarks to keep the images from being pirated online. Once you purchase your image, the watermark will be removed.

Q: Are your images digitally retouched?
A: Very rarely. Occasionally, there are very minor retouches made (such as if something small appears in the background of an outdoor shoot that has to be removed), but the vast majority of the pictures are completely raw, as they were taken on the shoot. All reworking is reserved for cover artists.

Q: Can I use the image I bought for web and social media promos?
A: Only if you purchased the correct license that includes web use.

Q: Can I use your images for my book trailer?
A: Yes. Licenses include at least a one time use for book trailers.

Q: I want my book covers to have images that are for my exclusive use only and that I can use with different publishers and promotional materials. Do you have any images like that?
A: Yes! Please check out our Custom Shoot FAQs page for all the details.

Q: Are your costumes high-quality?
A: Yes! All of our costumes are high-quality, and most of them are custom made for us. You are guaranteed never to get cheap Halloween-type costumes on our set.

Q: Are your shoots historically accurate?
A: We strive for authenticity in all of our shoots, from the costume design to the hairstyles and props chosen for each model.