Custom Shoots

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Period Stock images are primarily for ebook and print book covers and book-related promotional materials. Our photos and licenses may not be used for, and by individuals/businesses/websites/magazines or publications/film or video productions engaged in pornography, sex trade, illegal activities, and similar industries. Period Stock photos are not intended for hateful, erotic, or graphic images. Period Stock reserves the right to refuse any pose we feel could be used in such a manner. If our photos are found to be used in such a manner, you will be asked to take down the photo immediately and the photo and/or all objects associated with that photo must be destroyed, or legal action will be required. We do not do erotic shoots of any kind.

Q: What is a Custom or Exclusive Shoot?
A: A Custom or Exclusive Shoot is a photo shoot done specifically for you. You choose the type of model and custom attire for a shoot within our studio. Props and specialized location requests are available, but cannot be guaranteed.

Q: How do I request a Custom and/or Exclusive Shoot and how much does it cost?
A: In order to purchase a custom or exclusive shoot, please contact us at [email protected] with the type of shoot you want and the specifics of the shoot (see list under “What information do I need to provide for a Custom or Exclusive Shoot”). Because of the custom nature of the shoot, the prices vary depending on the model, costuming, props, and location costs, as well as the type of exclusivity you want. The starting costs for each shoot are listed below.

Basic Custom shoot $300: No exclusive rights. All images resulting from this photo shoot can be used on our site for additional sales.

Basic package includes:

  • model fitting your description,
  • custom designed attire,
  • poses you request,
  • a selection of various photos to choose from,
  • one pose with basic Web-License (see Licensing Levels section for more information), and
  • option to purchase additional photos from the same shoot.

* Please note: Upgraded license levels are available for the cost difference (i.e the basic web license is $10, to upgrade to the web + print license of $25, you pay the $15 difference)

Custom shoot, Exclusive Pose $325: All items included in the Basic package PLUS the following:

  • Exclusive use of one model/attire pose. Additional poses can be purchased, see Extras below.

Custom shoot, Exclusive Model $500: All items included in the Basic package PLUS the following:

  • Exclusive use of the chosen model. (However, the custom attire may be used in other photos for sale on our site).

Custom shoot, Exclusive Attire $600: All items included in the Basic package PLUS the following:

  • Exclusive use of the custom attire in its entirety (i.e., as it is designed and created just for your character.  However, the custom attire may be broken into parts and later used in other photos for sale on our site, unless you choose to purchase it. See Extras).

Exclusive shoot $1,500: Neither model nor attire will be used again

This shoot is for cover artists and authors who want to have exclusive use of a specific model and custom attire. We will do the shoot with your specifications, and provide you a selection of photos from the shoot to choose from. Exclusive shoot includes cover art web + print retail license (see license page for details) for four pictures, the custom designed attire made specifically for your shoot, and the shipping and handling cost to send the custom attire to you. The custom attire is intended for your personal use only. It may not be used in any images or print material for sale. Please contact us if you have any questions.



  • Extra pose: $25 Extra charge for each additional pose chosen + the cost of your chosen license level.
  • Specific location requests: Contact us for a quote. Pricing depends on the specifics of doing the shoot somewhere other than our studio.
  • Special prop requests: Contact us for a quote.  Pricing depends on the availability and complexity of the prop requested.
  • Custom attire purchase: Custom attire made specifically for your custom photo shoot is available for purchase. Contact us for a specific price.
  • Additional models: Contact us for a quote. Additional models in the same shoot can be requested, but will have additional modeling and attire fees.
  • Additional attire for the model in the Custom or Exclusive Shoot: You can request that the model wear different attire during the same shoot (such as for a series of covers). Additional costs per attire.
  • Rush orders: Available for an additional cost depending on the circumstances. Please contact us.


Q: What does the different types of licenses allow?
A: Please see the licensing page for information.

Q: What information do I need to provide for a Custom or Exclusive Shoot?
A: Please contact us at [email protected] with the following specifics to receive a quote:

  1. Model’s appearance. Include things like hair/eye color, body type, age range, and any other distinguishing features of the model you are looking for. Please note which things are the most important, as we may not be able to find a model meeting all of the criteria.
  2. Provide several pictures of someone with a similar look or ask about one of the models used in our galleries. Shoots containing more than one model will include an additional cost.
  3. Please note any props you wish to be used. If you want a particular location (such as an outdoor shot) please specify. We will try to accommodate certain location shots, but due to availability, travel, and obtaining the required permissions, not all location requests can be honored.
  4. If you have a particular pose in mind, please specify exactly what you are looking for. Sending pictures similar to the pose you want is very helpful. If you are looking for a particular look, style, or mood, please specify and we will provide you with several pose options to choose from.
  5. Please specify the historical time frame for the costuming and the style or design you want. (For example: Blue Civil War ball gown trimmed in white lace.) Please be as specific as possible and be sure to mention any “Must haves” and “don’ts”. Picture references are especially helpful for our costume designers. Keep in mind that while custom attire can be made, it does require additional time. If you would like to use a costume in our gallery or something similar, please specify. Please note that custom made costumes will require an additional cost. This cost increases if the costume cannot be used in any other shoots for our site.
  6. Describe the hairstyles and send us picture references.
  7. Describe the facial expressions in detail and send us picture references.
  8. Please note that the more specific you are and the more information you provide our costume designers and creative team, the better prepared we will be to give you the exact look you want.
  9. Please indicate the dates by which you will need the photos. Rush orders will have additional costs, especially for custom designed costumes. In general, please allow 3 – 4 weeks for custom shoots from the time we agree on the criteria until we deliver the images. Longer times may be required depending on your custom requirements.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at [email protected].