Settings #10


Non-Exclusive Licenses for Historical Buildings, and Settings & Scenery.

Web License & Print License (One-time use) $5.00

  • Non-exclusive
  • Single use license for e-books and print books. (One-time use per e-book and print cover. E-book cover and print cover must be for the same book only.)
  • Author or Publisher e-book sales limitation: unlimited
  • Author or publisher paperback limitation: 20,000 print copies
  • May be used for web promos and printed promotional materials related only to the e-book/paperback the image was originally licensed for. (May not be used for promos of a different book other than the original book it was licensed for.)
  • License includes one-time book trailer usage. (Cannot be used in multiple book trailers)
  • Cover / Graphic Artists may use this license to create e-book covers and print book covers for sale. (One-time use per e-book and print cover only)
  • No mass market production. (Making and reselling the same exact artwork multiple times)